10 Most Expensive Food Items In The World

Food is the basic necessity of life we work hard for. Every living thing consumes to form energy and that energy is used in work – the cycle goes on.

In a world where appallingly food is hardly come-at-able for many, there are certain items worth beyond one’s comprehension.

It is not suggested that you veto yourself on consuming any food item that costs a fortune. Surely, our sense of curiosity can stretch as far as we think. It can drive us to take such actions, but without judgment, everyone would love to grab a taste of some of the most expensive food items present in the world.

It is not due to a customary fine-dining experience any restaurant may offer and add value to the total price. It’s the ingredients, those core ingredients that are outrageously rare sometimes as well as mighty supreme. Just imagine your prospect dish and the ingredients required being ridiculously expensive.

So, let us find out which are world’s most expensive foods that would empty your wallet away:

1. Foie Gras


There you go, the most expensive out there. Typically made of duck or goose’s liver that has been particularly fattened. Tastes much like Offal, it has a smooth texture and well acclaimed by foodies. However, in order to engage your deepest food cravings, you will require a lot of money to spend. In 2016, 2 lbs of Foie Gras costs $150.

2. White Truffles


Normally incorporated in luxury dishes, it is one of the expensive foods in the world. Abundantly found in Italy and sold as high as 7000 Euros per kg. Imagine the feeling when you take a bite with your teeth, surely this food item is something special. Around the world, restaurants tend to serve it with scrambled eggs. To much surprise, people are not easily appealed to its appearance.

3. Vanilla


Next time you make a sullen face about eating vanilla ice-cream, remember what it is made up of. Not just remember Vanilla, but also the price as it costs around $4000 lbs. Known to be an expensive food, it’s flower only blooms for a few hours in 12 months and leaves a little amount of pollination. You will not find it widely available in any market as well.

4. Densuke Watermelon


Hah! watermelons… Ever seen a black one, though? The rarest type of watermelon was once sold in auction in Japan for a record $6100. Imagine going to an auction and returning with a watermelon and someone in your family accidentally cracks it after not differentiating its black color with a dark green regular one?

5. Saffron


Next time you find it in your home, don’t look at it the same way. It is not a peasant; it is precious for medicine. Iran produces the finest Saffron and sells it for thousands of dollars per kilo. It’s initially produced in filaments then is left to dry. Altogether, it’s cultivation takes up to 3 years. All around the world, it’s considered as the royal ingredient that attributes royalty to any dish you make.

6. Almas Caviar


An addition to the expensive foods produced in Iran, they are rare, to begin with. Even if you head out to Iran, you still won’t find it easily as it is deemed to be close to finding a needle in a haystack.
Taking you to London where you may find it, the savage price of this food item unfolds then. In fact, it’s packaging is alone worth a fortune because it is sold in tin packaging made of 24 karat gold. Ultimately, this particular Caviar is sold for $25,000

7. Yubarki King Melon


After black watermelons, presenting you a melon that you must not associate with your local market melon. Inside it is indeed Orange from inside but the taste is miles apart from a regular one. The proportion of sweetness is a distinction here. Yubari melons would cost around $5000 a piece. This food is much in demand and requires auctions to sell it. In such a bid, a businessman was seen obtaining the custody of this coveted melon after stretching his bid as far as $23,000.

8. Bird’s Nest (Red)


A Chinese dish presented in soup form, made from saliva (SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE…). Normally served in three colors: red, white and yellow. The red soup is widely famous due to its price, of course. They are obtained from South East Asian farms and are sold at staggering prices. The taste is very rare and delicious, one that you wouldn’t offer your tongue many times. The red soup is typically sold for over $10,000 a bowl.

9. Blue fin Tuna


Look at that red tender meat. The sight of it is almost oddly satisfying. Many environmentalists have warned blue fin tuna to be an endangered species prone to extinction, yet the supply has not hampered. A mere pound of blue fin tuna is sold over $4000 and the dishes it is incorporated in are extraordinarily expensive foods.

10. La Bonnotte Potatoes


Yes, potatoes! You have the sense to imagine that these potatoes are not the ordinary ones, neither do they taste like all others. They are a rare item that is only available in Noirmoutier, Western France and are associated to be extincted. Around Europe, the demands for these potatoes are on the rise and one can find in chief departmental stores at a staggering price. A kilo of La Bonnotte potatoes cost up to $1600.